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Learning to Focus on the Future Goal

NLC 2014 D9

I had the opportunity to attend ASDA’s National Leadership Conference over Halloween weekend and I found the experience so rewarding. Through the course of my dental school career I lost sight of the ultimate goal. I was constantly focusing on always getting great grades and I struggled through every dental class. This conference reminded me that no matter how draining dental school is, I believe that I am going to be a great dentist in the future. During the conference, I met a variety of dental students from across the country and I received advice from them that I will forever be grateful for. For instance, I have almost no confidence when I see a patient for a simple cleaning. I also happen to be a very emotional person and the first patient I ever saw was a complete disaster. Kevin, a third year at Midwestern in Arizona, shared the experiences that he has had with his patients. It turns out that I am not the only one who has had the same trouble communicating with patients. While in school I am so focused with learning how to make a denture that I forget about the future that is ahead once I graduate. I attended lectures that included training on how to lead a dental team in a private practice setting and on how to manage inevitable financial debt. During the conference I learned how to be a better leader. I gathered with students from other ASDA chapters and we shared ideas on how to improve chapter activities and fundraising. I walked into the conference with a limited sense of what ASDA actually is and I learned that ASDA is the voice of the student dental community. I left the conference with ASDA fever to say the least and I can’t wait to become even more involved.

~Lauren Llorente, Class of 2017, Orientation Coordinator for Colorado ASDA

Lauren Llorente

Lauren Llorente is a current first year dental student at the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine. She is currently serving as the DS1 Orientation Committee Chair for Colorado ADSA and as the Vice President for the Class of 2017. Originally from Miami, FL, she enjoys skiing, reading, and relaxing with her friends.

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