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Author Archive for Jenna Hyer

Jenna Hyer is a third year dental student and co-chair of ASDA Pre-Dental Club. She is a dual citizen born in Canada and grew up primarily in the small ski resort town of Whitefish, Montana. She enjoys hiking, running, biking, snowboarding, and most outdoor activities, which is a huge reason she chose to move to Colorado! Jenna found her way to dentistry by combining two of her passions: science and art. She majored in Cell Biology and Neuroscience at Montana State University, and enjoys making jewelry, drawing, painting and any other creative outlet she can discover in her free time. Jenna is also addicted to traveling; she studied abroad in Costa Rica in high school, and has made her way through Southeast Asia, China, Europe, and North and Central America. She hopes to see the world by traveling through dentistry in the future!

Spring Break Edition: Externships

ex·tern Webster definition: :  a person connected with an institution but not living or boarding in it; specifically :  a nonresident doctor or medical student at a hospital   My definition: Showing up to a different school and being that annoying person asking questions and stalking residents for a week   For those of you who may be interested in…

Baby Dentists

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine the days before dental school- before the navy blue scrubs, the “conscious incompetence”, the juggling of patients and their demands [“I can only come every other Tuesday… and only in the mornings… oh, and can I come at 9:45 instead of 9?”].   In this sort of tunnel vision, I forget the days when I…

State Lobby Day 2015

  Dental Lobby Day comes but once a year. Dentists from various districts throughout the state come together to share their opinions with their respective state Senators and State Representatives concerning bills that relate to dental interests and trepidations. We, as students, are invited to participate in this event, as our opinions and shining young faces can influence the decisions…