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Luke Harden is a third-year dental student at the University of Colorado and the current ASDA Electronic Editor. He is a Colorado native and completed his undergraduate at the University of Denver where he received a B.S. in Biological Sciences. Luke enjoys the full spectrum of Colorado activities including skiing, fishing, and laughing when other states “talk about their mountains.”

Evidence-Based Dentistry: Yes, it Actually Matters

Treatment planning is an integral skill taught in dental school and a core foundation of dentistry as a healing profession. This planning can become an overwhelming onslaught of triaging problems, combining disciplines, all the while catering to the individual patient’s desires and limitations. A particularly careful and important concept within treatment planning is the process of phasing out the treatment.…

Annual Session 2017: A Brief Recap

Annual Session 2017 has come and gone. After five fervent days in Orlando of legislative meetings, resolution debate, emotional elections, and evening festivities, ASDA has launched itself into the year ahead. Here are some highlights from the week: -Colorado took home the Gold Crown Award for Best Chapter Blog.  –John Luke Andrew (Colorado ’18) was elected District Nine Trustee. He’ll oversee…