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Author Archive for Phoebe Blakeley

Phoebe Blakeley is a third year dental student at the University of Colorado and the current ASDA Treasurer and D9 Wellness Director. She hails from Arizona and is severely misguided in thinking that Arizona has better sunsets than Colorado. Her hobbies include scaring small children, frequenting beaches in the rain, and claiming ownership over other people's dogs. After graduation, she hopes to not be a complete disappointment to her friends and family (although, unlikely) and has a promising future modeling OptraGates in Taiwan.

Mastering Mindfulness

I’m rushing, I know I’m rushing. I feel the beat of my heart beating throughout my entire body. Underneath my yellow gown, I can feel myself getting sweatier and sweatier. Good thing I remembered to put on deodorant today. My anxiety levels are shooting out of the roof. Why? I got out of class late, and I’m trying my darndest…