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Author Archive for Rick Collette

Rick currently serves as Colorado ASDA Editor-in-chief. After graduating from CU-Denver in 2007, he worked in a gastroenterology clinic for six years, but after some serious thought, decided to “go the other direction” and go to dental school. He and his wife, Jeni, live in Denver. In his free time, Rick practices the ancient art of Nerdism— playing video games, reading, and writing fantasy literature.

The Gold Crown Awards ~or~ The Academy Awards of Student Dentistry

The air buzzes with excitement as 650 dental students from across the country stroll the red carpet, schmoozing with the dental “celebrities” in attendance. They’re all decked in the nicest clothes they could fit in their suitcases, and smiles and laughter abound. The delegation from Colorado ASDA walks in confidently, but I feel traitorously nervous. Colorado is on the ballot…